Resolutions, 2017

I really love that New Year feeling – fresh, crisp and just brimming with project possibility. And yet, here we are already in February and I am still trying to nail down our house goals for the year.

There are a few obvious leftovers from the past couple years that we hope to finish up this year…

Elise’s Nursery
Poor 3rd baby has half her nursery, half her brother’s
Master Bedroom
Wooden Valance

And of course, the yard is always on the list. A couple of specific projects on the list this year are…

Tree Retaining Wall
The corner tree in our backyard has a smattering of hostas around it. The retaining wall would allow us to fill in the entire area with hostas and not run into the roots system. 

Image result for tree retaining wall

Add Arborvitae Trees
In an effort to hide a terrible electric box in our backyard and to frame up Hydrangea Row, we’ll add a couple of these trees. 

Image result for Emerald Green Arborvitae

And if we are talking stretch goals, there are a few that seem barely within reach. I won’t hold my breath, but they’d be fun projects for the year…

Family Room Flooring
Our basement is high traffic, high use, highly in need of a change in flooring.
Here are some of the colors and patterns I’ve been looking at. 

Castello Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring - $1.89/sq. ft. | GoHaus:

Allure TrafficMaster - Grey Maple - vinyl plank floor. Option for craft room...:

Dining Room Lighting
There are too many good options.

Lighting! Table! Chairs. Everything. Perfect. #LGlimitlessdesign #contest:

Regina Andrew |  Wood Lattice Lantern Chandelier.:


I hope we can focus on a few things that are long term fits for our house vs. buying things that work just because they fit the budget. I’ve started thinking more and more about what the next phase of Hillside Lane looks like…more to come on this.

In the meantime, here’s to a happy, healthy, productive 2017.






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