Choo! Choo! Henriks is 3!

We took Henriks’ 3rd Birthday on the road…or in this case, on the rail. We were so excited to celebrate our favorite guy with a train ride and all his favorite people – sisters, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Train Ticket Henriks 5x7

Our plan was to take the train a few stops north, where we would then walk to a local pizzeria for lunch and cupcakes. Even though this party was on the go, I still wanted to find ways to make it special for him.

I used goody bags to help everyone celebrate in Choo! Choo! style. We got engineer hats for all the kids to wear and attached railroad crossing balloons – you couldn’t miss this celebration.

We included train whistles and train sticker books, along with some treats, to help the kids pass the time at the restaurant. And ended the meal with red and blue cupcakes and big 3 year old wishes.

We rode the train back with a happy (and maybe a little tired) 3 year old. The next morning Henriks crawled into our bed and the first thing he said was, “I had so much fun at my birthday party!”. And I melted right then and there 🙂 He likely won’t remember this little party, but hopefully he’ll look back at these pictures and memories and know just how much he is loved by so many people in his life.

Henriks Peter, you are bigger than life. Your energy, silliness and desire to help (all the time) comes shining through your happy eyes from the moment you wake up. You have the sweetest heart and the biggest hugs and we are so proud of you and the wonderful boy that you are. How lucky are we to have you as part of our family? Happy 3rd Birthday, Henrik! Daudz Laimes! We love you more than words. Mes tevi milam!




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