St. Paddy’s #11

March always feels like a turning point coming out of a long winter and our St. Paddy’s Day party is a bright spot we look forward to every year. This year was lucky #11 for us. We weren’t quite as lucky on the weather – after days of beautiful sixty-degree weather a cold front came in with sunshine and 27-degrees. But the cold temps didn’t deter any of the festivities.

After a week leading up to the party that included an ER trip, a peanut allergy diagnosis and a broken phone – I was ready for a tall pint. But despite a chaotic week, my little leprechauns were so excited and there was lots of green, friends, family and Irish cheer to celebrate.

My favorite addition to our Irish decorIMG_0894IMG_0903
My Irish lasses

Our entertainment…alwaysIMG_0920IMG_0990IMG_0991

When we dream big about this St. Paddy’s Day party we really want to make it into what Andris calls “Paddy-Palooza”…a day full of bands and performers that play music all day long. Maybe next year we will splurge for the tent that we consider every year. We also heard that there is a taco truck that is open for hire in our area. How fun would that be? Tacos for St. Paddy’s! Ha! It is fun to consider what the party might look like in another 11 years…our kids will be 16, 14 and 12…hard to even imagine! Looking forward to decades more of Irish celebrations and all the memories and traditions that it brings.




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