A Flamingo First

It has already been a year since Elise Larisa completed our family and I just can’t imagine life with out her and her endless supply of smiles.
She is just the happiest clam and a wonderfully good natured, go with the flow baby – something we are endlessly grateful for.

When it came to celebrating our girl and her first year – we wanted fun, colorful and something that just felt like summer. With help from her big sister, we settled on flamingos and pineapples, cupcakes and a bounce house. As you can imagine, Luci was wholeheartedly on board with the bounce house plan.

Inspiration for parties with flamingos and pineapples isn’t hard to find these days – but that made the planning so much fun – so many ideas to draw from!

After YEARS of this frame hanging sideways in our room with plans for some DIY something, I finally called it quits on the idea, knocked out the print and the glass and used it to hang pictures.

Thank goodness the Easter Bunny brought this giant flamingo for Luci this past Spring. It was a fun addition to the yard.

The day was picture perfect – sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. We had so much fun celebrating our 1 year old with lots of friends and family….and plenty of treats!


Our Lisey is bottled sunshine – I love to watch her light up whenever her big sister and big brother are around. She has added so much joy to our family – we just love her more than words and feel beyond blessed to have her as part of our family. I can’t believe it has already been a year but can’t wait to see all the adventures this next year will bring! Daudz Laimes! Happy Birthday to our sweet Elise! Mes tevi mīlam TIK DAUDZ! We love you SO MUCH!




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