Building Birthday

Our Luci is a builder by nature. She loves to create and design and invent. Inspired by her favorite character – Isabel from Elena of Avalor – we created a birthday party that celebrated being creative, building new ideas and, of course, our favorite 6 year old.

I hit the jackpot when I found an Etsy shop that was able to swap out Elena for Isabel on invitations. As you can imagine, the secondary character market is somewhat limited ☺️ After a quick download, I used the same format and picture a few different ways to make Isabel the Inventor the theme of the day.

We arranged for a few building projects – spaghetti and marshmallow structures, invention boxes and build-your-own cupcakes.

Some chose to eat more marshmallows than they built with….😂

The invention boxes were a favorite. The kits were filled with stickers, pipe cleaners, washi tape and egg crates, amongst a few other supplies. The kids were working so diligently that they were silent for at least 40 minutes. We kept laughing at, what had to be, the quietest birthday party on record.

Luci’s invention was a rack for all future inventions. Lots more building to come from our Luci girl.

After a much needed lunch break, we went in to DIY some cupcakes. Fun & delicious…

Inspired by Isabel, Luci has taken to drawing in her Journal of Big Ideas. Luci was talking about her journal over the summer and a mom said, “Everyone should have a Journal of Big Ideas!” I couldn’t agree more. We sent everyone home with their own journal to continue to think and invent and create.

A friend, who has kids that are grown and gone, always tells me that being a parent gets better and better; and I continue to learn how true this is. Watching Luci grow into a kind, confident, smart, beautiful and fun six year old has been a blessing beyond measure. I love her big ideas, her big dreams and her eagerness to take on the world (and kindergarten!). She is such a special little girl and we burst with pride with each new challenge and adventure she takes on. Lucija, mes tevi milam. We love you more than words. Always remember that you can build anything. Happy Birthday! Daudz Laimes!




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  1. Annie you are so clever it’s amazing. I love reading your blog and feeling the love that you have for your children They are beautiful inside and out.

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