Elise’s Nursery

Well, it took a year+, but our sweet girl finally has a little finished space to call her own. After this room was decked out in blues and golf flags for her big brother, we SLOWLY but surely changed it over to give Elise a little space of her own.

I talked back in July of last year (check it out here) that the room would have some nautical touches. Once we found out that our sweet baby was a girl, we found some fun colors and patterns to make the room feel extra special for our littlest.


Elise received this fun, personalized nautical print from a very special friend (and cousin!) and it really set the color palette for the room.

From there I found some fun patterned fabric to replace the golf flags with some bunting above her crib. I repeated some of those same patterns in the frames above her changing table. It was an easy (and cheap) way to bring some color into the room.

The big project for this room was our shiplap frame to fill the space where the map of Latvia used to be. And let's be honest – it was a great excuse to try our DIY prowess as it came to shiplap.

This project was super easy. I used the tutorial that I found here and we followed it pretty much exactly. I added a small wreath of flowers to the center, similar to a Latvian vainjags, which is what girls wear for the Latvian summer soltice celebration – perfect for our June baby.

The room is rounded out by little details here and there – frames, keepsake boxes, pillows and books. And her favorite buddy, Corderoy.

Elise and Luci will share a room in the next year or so, but in the meantime, we are soaking up all these days with our baby girl. She is the sweetest, happiest, most go with the flow little girl – and we love her SO much. Hopefully her room is a little reflection of the love and happiness she brings to our family.





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