2017: A Look Back

Well, it was a light year in terms of house projects. I guess some years will just be like that. We did more celebrating than DIYing and didn’t cross many resolutions off the list – but how lucky are we to have reason to celebrate, so many moments and memories to enjoy AND a little spot in the world to call home. We’ve got lots more years ahead to DIY and design – I’ll take a slow year thrown in every now and then.

You can see the original list here, but the only real resolution that got crossed off the list was Elise’s nursery. A simple, but sweet little room for our super sweet little girl.

Beyond that, we celebrated our 11th Annual St. Paddy’s Day Party, three special birthdays and, no doubt, countless more ordinary moments filled with joy, but much less fanfare.

11th Annual St. Paddy’s Day


Henriks’ Choo-Choo 3rd Birthday

Elise’s Flamingo First

Building 6th Birthday

Cheers to 2017! Looking forward to everything that 2018 has in store.





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