Resolutions, 2018

New year. New goals. I feel like Hillside Lane is at that “7-year-itch” phase. We moved in almost seven years ago and I am feeling like everything we bought seven years ago (or before) is scuffed, cracked, dinged and generally ready for an update and upgrade. Honestly, all these items have served us really well for this phase of our life. In this time of toddlers, spills, sticky hands, leftover snack bags and lots of forts being built from couch cushions, I’ve been grateful to not be overly worried about expensive furniture or scuffing something other than Ikea black/brown. And the reality is, this phase of life is still ours for the foreseeable future, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

That being said, our next round of furniture and finishings are meant to be more longer term, more forever pieces. And that takes a bit more thoughtful planning. So our Resolutions this year are focused around a couple longer term projects, a few interim solutions and a couple of piece-meal additions here and there.

Make-Shift Mudroom

We made the decision last year that any future addition on Hillside Lane will involve us widening our garage (this decision may have included a powerpoint presentation I created for Andris to explain my vision – haha). In order for us to make the garage and future mudroom space work for us in the way we need it to, it will require us to widen the garage. As a result, we decided to wait on doing a full mudroom so that we aren’t having to do it twice. Towards the end of the fall in 2017 Andris and his dad (with a strong showing from Henrik) insulated the garage in an effort to capture a bit of heat so we could use this space as a garage mudroom for the next few years. It won’t be perfect, but it will be better than us all spilling into the living room/dining room and having coats, backpacks and shoes littered across the floor, table and chairs.

Next steps include drywall or paneling, painting the floor, adding some lighting and installing a garage door opener. I really think this solution will serve us well enough to get through the next few years.

Here are a few of our inspiration images:

DIY Mudroom

Mudroom Inspiration



This summer we will close the chapter on nurseries on Hillside Lane. Very, very bittersweet. This move will have the girls sharing a room together and Henrik getting his own bedroom. Exciting on all fronts. We’ve generally done very minimal makeovers with the previous room changes we’ve done – adding just a few things here and there to personalize the space. This summer will be more of a full redo – fresh paint, fresh bedding, new furniture for Henrik. I’ve got lots of ideas and plenty of pins and I am already starting to source a few things as I see them on sale. More to come on our inspiration and direction, but here are a couple of images that are getting me excited about these bedroom projects.

Henriks’ Industrial Room

The Girls’ Room: Crisp Whites and Lots of Color


The project that never ends. I say that in the most loving way. Every year we do a little more and learn a little more. And one day maybe this will become a maintenance project and not so much a creation process. This year I am trying to focus on a few finishing touches for the front – adding some color through a few perennials, paired with some boxwoods. I’m trying to find some balance between color, classic and low maintenance. As the snow swirls outside, these pics have me thinking spring.

I always look forward to the new year. I find myself reading new books, listening to new podcasts and searching for inspiration in every aspect of life. I can’t wait to see everything that 2018 has in store for Hillside Lane and our little family. Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings.





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